Dear Players,

we would like to announce you several things today:

our weekly changelog will be live tomorrow, and can be found HERE
The next changelog will be available at tuesday evening.

The date of season start and release of Highmaul is 13 of July!

We did everything to give the possibility for character copy from Monster realm, but sadly it will not be available. Because of the 2 expansions difference and technical issues (achievements, titles, professions can not be transferred), we decided to provide something else instead of the copy.

Every players will get free level 100 boost per character with 25 days+ played time on Monster realm.

With any bug report or problem please visit our forum!


Global Economy and security changes with WoD updates(On Ragnaros):

- Every Guild Bank will be reseted
- Every Currency will be reseted
- Unused Valor and Conquest points will be converted to Gold up to 8.000  
- Actual Gold will be divided by one hundred! (Eg. from 1 million MoP Gold you will receive 10.000 in Draenor)
- Hunter Pets, Talents and Glyphs will be reseted
- Battle Pets,Mounts and Profession skills will be transferred
- Every Character Bank, Void Storage and Bagslot item will be transferred
- Every Achievement, Mount, Title will be transferred

Available features/content after release:

- New continent Draenor
- Leveling from lvl 90 to lvl 100
- Garrison system with Quest lines
- 6 new Dungeons with Dungeon Finder support (Normal and HC mode)
- 3 new World Bosses
- Treasures, Rares, Bonus Objectives
- Battlegrounds and Skirmish Arenas
- Legendary Transmog Npc

Do NOT forget to download the game, because from tomorrow you won´t be able to connect Ragnaros realm with MoP client!

To create your WoD login click the button on the webpage under your account information!

Dear Community,

after months of development we are proudly announce you the release date of our new WoD realm!

The release day of WoD is at 15th of June!

You adventure will be continued throught time back to Draenor where you should face with the Iron Horde and conquer this new land.

Warlords of Draenor(WoD) will be playable on Ragnaros realm, every character will be automatically converted from MoP to WoD! MoP will be supported no longer by us, we will focusing our development to WoD and Cataclysm versions only.

Supported WoD version at start 6.2.4(21355), Client pre-download will be available later tonight more information can be found in our dedicated forum topic.

Molten Core
Molten Core Anniversary Edition!

Difficulty: - Upscaled with lvl85 damages, available up to 40 Player in a Raid!

Loot: - Special Legacy Monster-WoW Tabard, from every Boss!

Additional Anniversary events will be rewealed at weekend! Good Luck & Have Fun Monster Staff