Ragnaros 6.2.4:

- Maximum pet attack ditance limited to 100 yards.
- Fixed a bug that prevented players in LFG from healing.

- Prysmatic Crystal: now does only 75% damage in PvP (based on Hotfix (2014-12-17):  http://wow.gamepedia...smatic_Crystal)
- Meteor: damage delay(3 sec) after implode fixed.
- Alter Time: mechanism improved.

Death knight:
- Runic power at pressence change fixed.

- Lightning shield no more remove Maelstorm Weapon.

- Eviscerate damage calculation polished.
- Sinister Calling fixed.
- Combat Mastery fixed.
- Blindside proc fixed.
- Rupture damage calculation fixed.

Death Knight:
- Runic Power at pressence change fixed.

- Phantasm proc fixed. Now only proc from Fade.

- Statues now properly show on totem interface.
- Several statue related bugs fixed.
- Transcendence: Multiple transcendeces spirits at the same time fixed.

- Ursol's Vortex pullback effect fixed.
- Guardian Druid Mastery

- Fire and Brimstone burning ember usage fixed.
- Drain Soul with Agony tick damage fixed.

- Ancestral Guidance proc maximum number of targets fixed.
- Maelstorm and Lightning shield proc fixed.

- Mortal Strike self buff (10% healing received) no longer appears as a debuff.
- Whirlwind offhand fixes.

Monster&Deathwing 4.3.4:

Isle of Conquest:
- Castle main doors now have LoS.
- Vehicles now correctly respawn at their bases, instead of where they were killed.
- Gunship teleport only applies 1 stack of parachute.
- Horde base 4th stack of explosives respawn time fixed.

Spine of Deathwing(Dragon Soul):
- Heroic Searing Plasma is no longer shown as a buff.

- Fixed a bug that caused problems when misdirection was removed inproperly.

- 250 New Quest and Quest Chain fixed! (Full log:  http://forum.monster-wow.com/index.php?/topic/44745-434-quest-fixes/)



Twin Ogron available!
- Ko'ragh available! (script hotfixed @08.20).

 - Highmaul cosmetic fixes.
 - Highmaul added encounter progress checks.
 - Fixed item level requirement for Highmaul.
 - Twin Orgon script 80% estimated release 5-10 days.
 - Dampening mechanics impemented in arenas.
 - Arena rating gain/loss formula fixed.
 - Maximum item level for non-PVP items are limited to 660 in BGs and Arenas.

 - Battle Stance rage generatio increased by 100% (according to retail formula)
 - Arms warriors can generate rage in Defensive Stance at 50% rate.
 - Avatar removes roots/slows.
 - Stance changing spells are now correctly working if not is the required stance (e.g. Colossus smash in Def stance).
 - Glyph of Rude Interruption fixed.
 - Soul Swap fixes: duration and stack are also moved with soul swap.
 - Kidney Shot DR fixed.
 - Anticipation now proc from all combo points generating abilities.
 - Holy Shield spell block, and return damage fixed.

 - Arcane Mastery:Mana Adept fixed.
 - Touch of death no longer working on bosses.

 - Main now correctly proc Predatory Switfness.
 - Starfall double damage fixed.
Death Knight:
 - Forst Strike and Obliterate damage reduced in PVP according to retail formula.
 - Abilities that require runes no longer give runic power if the cast was free (e.g. Freezing Fog free Howling Blast)
Ork Racial:
 - Blood Fury spellpower bonus part fixed.
 - 12 Crash Points fixed.
 - Legendary Transmogrifier added to the major cities.
 - Movement system smoothing, more responsive and precise position update.
 - Fixed an issue that caused some items bought from donate shop to not receive all stats.
 - Raid / Heroic dungeon reset system improved.
 - Fixed Void storage random enchantment stacking bug.
 - Fixed a bug that caused broken profession tab if profession specialization is learnt.
 - Also removed all old profession specializations from every character (e.g. master axesmith)

- Tectus encounter added!
- Valor Point reward implemented (75 Point / Tier)

PvP Changes:
- Arena Rating gain highly increased.

We are glad to announce that players from Ragnaros realm will now have the opportunity to use the Recruit-a-friend system!

1,How to use the Recruit-a-friend feature

You need an account on Monster WoW
Visit the following link, and type the email adress from your friend who you would like to recruit: link for the RaF  (make sure it is gmail, we can not guarantee that it will work with other email providers!)
Your friend must reach the maximum level (lvl 100) and 48 hours of played time on the maximum level with atleast ONE character!

2,How to obtain the mount

Make sure your friend reached level 100, and has atleast 48 hours played time on the max level
Visit our webpage, and go to Marketplace in your account panel
If everything worked well, the mount in Marketplace becomes available and you can send it to your character!