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Monster Updates(Cataclysm):

Death Knight(Unholy):
- Death Rune system improvement, you get awarded with Death Run after Absorb!
- Festering Stike, now should proc Death Rune.
- Glyph of Mage Armor
- T13 P4 Set Bonus fixed.

Ragnaros Updates(MoP):

- Mogu'shan Vaults fully scripted in 10 Normal and 25 Normal difficulty!

Looking for Dungeon system:
- Some improvements, and Dungeon Cooldown removed!

- Gag of Order glyph

Quest system:
- Some Quest Chain fixed(Netherwing,Golden Lotus...)

- Pandaren Banquet
- Banquet of the Brew
- Great Banquet of the Brew
- Banquet of the Wok
- Great Banquet of the Wok
- Banquet of the Grill
- Great Banquet of the Grill
- Banquet of the Steamer
- Great Banquet of the Steamer
- Banquet of the Oven
- Great Banquet of the Oven
- Banquet of the Pot
- Great Banquet of the Pot

The biggest/longest encounter is here, our team did the best with this encounter to make it enough hard, and retail look. We hope you will enjoy this fight!

Madness of Deathwing

Information about Season End and Ragnaros Transfer before weekend.

Weekly fixes:

Dragon Soul:
- Spine of Deathwing encounter scripted. Will be available 01.11.!

AntiHack system enabled:
- We experienced a great increase in the number of hackers lately, so we recreated/revived the AntiHack system. The system works on BGs and Arenas and will detect and punish speed and/or fly hack attempts. Please don't use such exploits! We really don't want to ban you :), but will if it is neccesary.

Dear Players,

the Winter has been coming in the whole year, but now it is here and we are here too, to say thanks for this year what we played together in this awesome Community! Our christmas gift is 25 DP and 50 VP for every old and new players, spend it with the spirit of the celebration!

Winter Veil Christmass