Monster WoW 4.3.4 Cataclysm
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  • all content and dragonsoul
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Release the names:

Any characters that have not logged into the game since July 1, 2013 will have their names freed up, making them available to anyone creating a new character or using the Rename service.

Arthas Upcomming Dates:
- Arena Season will start tonight 8:00PM.
- LvL 70 Character boost now available on Arthas.

Arthas(3.3.5) fixes:
- Gluth:
  - No longer Decimate himself, but the players and zombies.
  - Can eat zombies.
- Thaddius:
  - Mini-boss event fixed.
  - Encounter reset on wipe fixed.
  - Thaddius no longer charges himself.
- Four Horsemen:
  - Corrected reset on wipe.
- Sapphiron:
  - Ice Block is casted a few second later, allowing players to spread.
- Kel'thuzad:
  - Cosmetic fixes, to help distinguish between "real" and "cosmetic" adds in phase 1.

Monster & Deathwing(4.3.4):

- Mind Control and similar spells fixed.

- Mass Dispel no longer hits in LoS.
- Mind Control "rogue" bug fixed.

- Typhoon no longer hits in LoS.
- Starfall no longer hits in LoS.

- Holy Radiance only gives 1 Holy Power.

- Soul Swap and Soul Swap Exhale cannot be used on the same target.
- Mana Feed mana gain on pet critical fixed.
- Nether Ward talent exploit fixed.

- Enemies who are targeting you while casting Mirror Image will lose target.

Mists of Pandaria 5.4.8 Fixes:

Death Knight:
- Frozen Heart(Mastery) fixed.
- Frost Strike damage calculation fixed.
- Obliterate damage calculation fixed.

- Masteries fixed.
- Feral 4P set bonus fixed.

- Mana Adept(Mastery) fixed.

Cataclysm 4.3.4:

Recruit a Friend System:
- Available, with Heart of the Nightwing mount reward.

Dragon Soul:
- New Blizzlike Hagara encounter.
- Cinematics between fights added.
- Madness of Deathwing "chest movie" bug fixed.

- World of Glory healing correction.

Arthas 3.3.5:

Recruit a Friend System:
- Available, with X-53 Touring Rocket mount reward.

- Deserter,Dungeon Desertes, Sickness duration bug fixed.
- Various loot fixes.
- Some other changes in the backend system and crash fixes.
- Dungeon Finder Heroic Dungeon Item level requirement decreased!
- Stability improvements and some exploit fixed.

- Various encounter rework with retail scripts.(Live on next Week!).

Violet Hold:
- Dungeon Encounter improvements.

The Ocolus:
- Dungeon Encounter improvements.

- Various quest fixes.

Mists of Pandaria 5.4.8:

Recruit a Friend System:
- Available, with Emerald Hippogryph mount reward.

- Available!

- Various quest fixes.

- Glyph of Enraged Speed fixed
- Sudden Death Execute + Overpower fixed.
- Glyph of mortal strike 10% healing bonus is no longer a debuff.

- Guardian of the Ancient Kings retribution fixed.
- Glyph of Denounce proc chance fixed.
- Glyph of divine shield.

- Glyph of solace.
- Pet base HP over level 85 fixed.

Death Knight:
- Ghoul base HP fixed.
- Desecrated ground fixed.
- Damage exploit fixed.
- Conversion Rune regen part fixed.

- Glyph of flaming serpent.
- Primal elemntalist hp/dmg
- Glyph of flame shock.
- Glyph of Lighning Shield.

- Glyph of Spellsteal.
- Shatter crit chance fixed.

- Pandemic fixed.
- Demons Base HP fixed.

- Glyph of Fae Silence.
- Rake damage fixed.

Honor Rank System

- Working on every Monster Realm!
- The rank depends on how many honorable kills you have.
- Titles:  Private/Scout - 100 Honorable Kills
           Corporal/Grunt - 500 Honorable Kills
           Sergeant/Sergeant - 1000 Honorable Kills
           Master Sergeant/Senior Sergeant - 2000 Honorable Kills
           Sergeant Major/First Sergeant - 4000 Honorable Kills
           Knight/Stone Guard - 5000 Honorable Kills
           Knight-Lieutenant/Blood Guard - 6000 Honorable Kills
           Knight-Captain/Legionnaire - 10000 Honorable Kills
           Knight-Champion/Centurion - 15000 Honorable Kills
           Lieutenant Commander/Champion - 25000 Honorable Kills
           Commander/Lieutenant General - 40000 Honorable Kills
           Marshal/General - 45000 Honorable Kills
           Field Marshal/Warlors - 50000 Honorable Kills
           Grand Marshal/High Warlord - 75000 Honorable Kills

3.3.5 Blizzlike Realm

Realm Firsts:
- Fireheart Realm First! Level 80 / Warrior
- Mavqt Paladin
- Bobyqt Death Knight

Project Arthas:
- After almost 5 years of Development experience Monster-WoW Team try to bring back an other Epic gaming experience from the past, this Project named after Arthas, Project Arthas.

Current Progress&Features:

- Dungeon Finder with rewards from Low lvl Dungeons to LvL80 Heroic mode Dungeons!
- Progressive Content Release(Naxx,Ulduar!->ToC->ICC)
- Wintergrasp,Isle of Conquest and Ring of Valor.
- Scripted Quest in Every Zone and Epic Blizzlike Questlines!
- Pathfinding!
- Active&Passive ant-hack, supported with retail Warden modules.
- High-Performance optimized core, tested with more than 5000 simulated player!

Available Content at Release and Opening Dates(Patch 3.1):

Dungeons(with Dungeon Finder support)(Day 0):
- Vanilla and TBC Dungeons
- Ahn'Kahet: The Old Kingdom
- Azjol-Nerub
- Drak'Tharon Keep
- Gundrak
- Halls of Lightning
- Halls of Stone
- The Culling of Stratholme
- The Nexus- The Oculus
- Utgarde Keep
- Utgarde Pinnacle
- Violet Hold  


- Vanilla and TBC Raids(Day 0)
- Naxxramas (Day 0)
- Obsidian Sanctum (Day 0)
- The Eye of Eternity (Day 0)
- Ulduar (Day 14)
- Vault of Archavon(became available with Wintergrasp) (Day 7)

Arena Season:
- Season 6(Furious Gladiator) Gear Obtainable from!(Day 7)

Release Date:


4.3.4 Cataclysm fixes:

- Currency refund fixed for special currencies, like Jewelcrafting Token.

Death Knight:
- Glyph of Resilient Grip, fixed.
- Glyph of Death's Embrace, fixed.
- Howling Blast damage coeff, fixed.

- Glyph of Voidwalker, fixed.
- Mastery: Master Demonologist, pet spell damage bonus, fixed.
- Demonic Empowerment: Felguard, fixed.